Union of the slow-paced, single taskers, Post 1

I think I just invented my dream job. Blogging and leading the masses of thinking, slow- paced, single-tasking people. Additionally, weasling joy, wonder, reflection and beauty into the hearts of ambitious fast-pacers.

Who is speaking for delight? For boredom as impetus for creativity and joy? For soaking in life? The depths of the human experience? Beauty? A good book savored over time? Humor?

I have heard Mark Futata speak about the chapter in the center of the Bible. Psalms 27. “I believe I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” He said that it is the balance of Jewish and Christian theology. Jewish which, at that time, only believed in the present life. And Christian, which is ‘pie in the sky,’ believing all good things will click into place in heaven.

Life is hard. I have known the effects of abuse personally and in the lives of others. I have spent much time fighting the darkness for lost years in my own life. I have shed tears. I have striven for the hearts of substance abusers, mentally handicapped adults and foster children in a shining 12-year Social Work career.

I cannot gloss over how dangerous the world is, how much we are harmed by generations of sin patterns, how dark life can be. These things are true. But a question that strikes me in this moment is, “Do I need to settle in with these?”

I think the answer is “No.”

Jesus is our hope. But I embrace this truth more fully than in a pie-in-the sky or philosphical way. Deep in our soul, he gives us the grace to hold out for heaven, amidst life’s struggles. Planted in every day are sprouts of humor, friendship, yummy food and many other wonder-ful things that point to God, to tasting and seeing his goodness in the LAND OF THE LIVING.

I have been celebrating these things for years as an aside to hard work and fighting the darkness.  But, if I am honest, I would say that some days I have been ashamed.  I have thought I was less-than for: SEEING, for Delighting, for fumbling around in this fast-paced world. Sometimes my thoughts were imposed by internal voices, sometimes by stoic Christians, and sometimes by grown-ups that looked at me as if I had two heads.  YET, as it stands today. . .  my new goal is to embrace and lead others in the joy and wonder that pops up in everyday life.

You want to come?




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