Unknown bondages

“Your history isn’t written yet,” said Miri.

Lately she marveled at how her own history was constantly shifting.  Two years before, she would have written: Laren of Mount Eskel was disappointed in his daughter Miri.  She was so slight and weak, he forbade her from so much as stepping foot inside the quarry.

Just the past year, Miri had learned the truth.   Her ma had been injured in the quarry and died a week after Miri’s birth, and so great was her father’s love and sorrow he would not risk his baby girl in that place.  What other truths would one day be revealed about old stories?  History was as hard to hold as a wet fish.

Princess Academy: Palace of Stone -Shannon Hale

Oh God, what did we interpret through a child’s eyes that has no place amongst the truth?  We put this unknown into your hands.  Lead us into truth and freedom in your good time.  Amen.




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